I have my supersports exhaust fitted now [image][/image] Now that little beasty DOES improve sound quite a bit… I hope the cops don’t notice too soon. One Question: I still have my standard cat fittet (meow) - and the exhaust sound while accelerating is simply great. But when stepping off the throttle pedal - nothing happens [image][/image] . No banging, no bubbling, no barbling. What are your experiences with cat-replacement or - better - motorsports cat (I like the thought of a kitty with a race helmet [image][/image])? Does ist just get louder or does the sound IMPROVE? I also noticed, that the exhaust needs some time to get hot - literally.

Marcus, you are a bad boy…how is lemon running these days???what have you done with your rim? I have got a similair problem…sniff-sniff…

for the really dramatic pops and bangs you have to be on overrun or heavy braking from 6k revs plus…the higher the better…and things should start to happen :slight_smile:

Rims… will have to wait until something SERIOUS happens to the car… I start to get used to little scratches and bruises.Bruno… Lemon is running fine at the moment (knocking on wood)…Steve - you haven’t fitted a catalyst, have you? My car is silky smooth even when on forced overrun. Bruno - how does your motorsports cat?

I have the cat replace pipe (hate cats, furry ones that is) as steve says on overrun you should get some pretty good bangs and the odd flame.

definitely no cat…

Paws, if it’s pops and bangs your after then just disconnect the overrun sensor on the rear wheel - it’s there purely to prevent the kind of noise we love [image][/image] - can damage the cat though if you have one.

erm… how is the cat? well, that’s a difficult question 'cause I’ve got the 190 kit fixed. so, all I can say is that the engine runs much, much better over the entire rev range. so, it is really hard to say which is due to the cat or the rest of the kit. hope, you know what I’m driving at…

Paws, I’ve run my car with the standard cat, with the motorsport cat, and with a cat bypass pipe. My overrun sensor is intact. The only time it has popped and banged is with the cat bypass pipe fitted, and even then only when heel-and-toeing hard down the box from high revs, as Steve says.

Thanks for the info, gentlemen. Bruno… is the 190 upgrade legal in Switzerland? How often are such “details” checked in your country?