bonnet release...oooops


so imagine front clam is off. for ease of storage bonnet cover is in it rightfull place and locked down. now i intend to remove it, looking for the release catch under the dash reveals that the mechanisum has broke…namely the handle…so not only do i need to un do the bonnet but also need to fix / replace the handle…

cna anyone help?

take off the wheelarch liner and reach through to grab hold of the end of the cable, then tug hard! New cable is �18 incl vat and delivery from B&C.


thanks…what about the plastic handle which has not only snapped but dissapeared…same place? ill try tomorrow x

i think it comes with the cable? could be wrong!

rsult if it does thanks again

just got mine in the post today and yes it does come c/w the handle attached.