Bolts ?

At the Lotus Car Show today, I noticed that the display car hadn’t got these 2 bolts (as seen on mine)[image][/image]The owner mentioned that he had seen these bolts on other Exiges and wondered why his didn’t, and "what are they for ?"His car is #58, mine is #101Help anyone ?[This message has been edited by Admin5 (edited 22 October 2000).]

Build No 56. I have no bolts, I am pleased to say.

hehe, you need to find why Lotus felt them necessary to put on before you feel so pleased [image][/image]

Mine has the bolts, so they were added sometime between numbers 58 and 90.I remember seeing an early Exige at Snetterton during the BTCC/Elise night races. It looked like the rear clam had been knocked loose. Maybe they’d taken it for a few sly laps and grounded it on a curb. At the time I worried about it being a design weakness. Maybe the bolts are to help it stay in place.

While speaking to owner of #58, he did say his car creaked a hell of a lot from the rear when going over uneven surface or climbing driveways etc.Perhaps it’s to add rigidity.[This message has been edited by Admin5 (edited 23 October 2000).]

I am told that the bolts are for the racing harnes fixing points. I have standard seatbelts and no bolts. Is this the answer?

Afraid not. The harnesses are only attached to the harness bar that goes behind the seats, making access to the cargo net somewhat difficult.The bolts are behind the roll-over bar, so they must just be to fasten the rear clam to the roof. Probably to try and disuade us from doing an adhoc targa conversion.

When I was looking to buy my Exige… There was one ready to go out to a customer that had those bolts… The dealer said they were put there to stop the clam shell lifting at the edges… sounds like a dodgy fit on some to me!! When talking to a different dealer about the actual car I bought… he’d never heard of them!