Bolton get together

It’s taken me 6 days to get time to get onto the site but I’ve made it. Great to meet everyone. Pesky et al - I’ve removed the floor covering in both foot wells to find loads of corrosion similar to verdegre (sp) on brass etc. Tried to cleaqn it off with all sorts but to no avail.I’ve invested in a set of �3.99 mud flaps from Halfords and they seem to work - I’ve managed to wet them about 5mm to low so keep smacking them on the road. I’ll re set them and post the correct clearance level from bottom to raod at rest.It took me 1 hour to get to Bolton and 40 minutes to get home [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image] the bloody thing doesn’t half go when you smack the loud peddle - 1st time3 I’ve had the opportunity to fly it properly and loved it.Pesky - email on way re “sun visor”. Hope to see you all next time

And the other thing - does anyone know of any motoring magazines with articles about the Exige - people keep asking me things and I’ve no idea about the answers i.e what they do to the egine to squeeze 177 bhp out of it (high lift cams - loads of air and petrol??).Any details gladly accepted so I can go and buy backdated copies and smirk at them in a schoolboy kind of way.

AND (sorry for shouting) why when I am obviously a handsome mature man am I a junior member - there is nothimg junior about my …

MilesOnce you hit 30 posts, you become a “Member” [image][/image]Sun visor - I’ve now got the lettering/logo as discussed - well nearly!!! After seeing Bruno’s LRG car last week, fitted with the official Lotus visor, I’ve had your lettering/logo done in yellow - trust me, it’ll look good [image][/image] Will bring it to the next meet in June, or if you prefer, to Oulton Park on 30th/31st May.