Body Shop Needed ASAP!

Hi all,

Can anyone recommend a body shop in the Chester area (the only place I can get to during working hours)? Or Macclesfield if they open really early…

As some drunk twat walked past my car last night with a can of silver spray paint!

It would be good to get it off ASAP so need to ring somewhere tomorrow if possible! Good thing was the car was a bit dirty so hopefully the paint is sitting on top of a thin layer of dirt… Some of it comes off with a finger nail, some doesn’t…

Any help would be mucho appreciated. Thanks in advance


That’s terrible! Sorry can’t help with advice, but wanted to offer support.

I’d give it a rub with some T cut. I reckon that would fetch it all off if it is indeed ontop of polish and dirt and stuff. It certainly wont do any harm.

Have you tried t-cut yet?

beat me to it sean

Well its good to know I am faster than you somewhere!!

white spirit?

Another vote for T-cut here, I’m sure it will come off.

A small dose of thinners has solved the problem, thanks guys!


to this:


thanks to Norlog…

That top picture made my stomach turn.
Glad you got it sorted. Hope that w*nker burns in hell.