Asides from the companies listed on this page:, and, does anyone know of any other body-kit manufacturers?


But why?! Short of an Edwards diffuser and splitter, I don’t see how you could add much to it to make it look any better!


Cheers Ian

and an Edwards exhaust

How much extra rear downforce does the Edwards diffuser generate? Anyone know?

Without testing in a wind tunnel, nobody knows. However, in the season before last, Gav Kershaw fitted one & was 0.5sec quicker around Donington in a back to to back test. He kept it on for the rest of the season

There’s also some pictorial evidence (from Eau Rogue at Spa, try a site search) that the front splitter creates some downforce too.


Is there a website with these bits and bobs on for us to have a look at???


Not sure if they’ve posted sexy pics but here’s the splitter at work - clicky


We do have a website but unfortunatly there is not much on it other than the contact details.

Oh and the flexing that can be seen on the picture of marks car at Spa has been sorted out by adding extra fixing points.

Must try and get the website updated Just need to change the length of the day from 24 hours to 36 to give us the time to get it done