Bluetooth headsets

I was in the car this evening, having recently bought one of Sony’s BlueTooth headsets, and found that it was totally useless as I couldn’t hear it over the sound of the engine.

Has anyone got a BlueTooth headset that actually works, and is loud enough, inside an S2?

Any suggestions gratefully received.



Ive got a ‘parrot’ bluetooth car kit, easy to install, works well but still the exige isnt the best for tel conversations.

I have had several blue tooth headsets and I think that they are all useless. My BMW has one built in that is awesome, but the usual behind the ear ones ar not worth the effort in my opinion.


I use a nokia which has an adjustable volume, which if set quite high works ok (Toyota engine). In the s1 the phone was useless.


I cant even hear the mobile ring in my car, always end up with missed calls by the time I get where im going, luckily though that normally doesnt take too long


Yeah, I’m with you Christian, I don’t even hear mine ring. There is always ringing in my ears, but its never my phone. lol.


I can hear them, but normally they can’t hear me…

I can hear them, but normally they can’t hear me…


Thanks for the comments folks; I’m getting the “don’t bother with one” feeling!!!

Good excuse for a couple of hours without any interuptions me thinks.