Blue and white stripe Exige minus a roof ?

Driving along the A3 today, between the A243 roundabout and Cobham offramp, and I saw what looked like a ripped off motorsport roof with the larger air intake, in dark blue with centre white striping on it.

Hmm, hope whoever it was is OK!! Anybody know about this?

Later - Carttman

ripped off motorsport roof…

An Exige roof laying by the side of the road… are you sure it wasn�t from an S2, some owners just can�t help themselves.


:wink:, I see your angle, but on the premise that an S2 owner didn’t bolt an S1 motorsport accessory to their car, it seems there’s an unhappy S1 owner out there :frowning:

The only blue M’Sport roof with a stripe I have seen is the Charlton’s car. Maybe they were towing it and had a SeanB moment

[image] - tsuphoto Resources and Information.

LOL, I had almost forgot about that. DOH!!!

That rear spoiler looks absolutely stupid

That rear spoiler looks absolutely stupid

that is not spoiler envy is it…

fairdos - that’s a large and low splitter at the front…so I assume it’s there to balance the car?