Blown away!!

Yesterday was spent at Donington Park in the Nissan and for the first time this year it ran properly all day. A friend of mine, who owns the Creation LMES team, was there too with his Courage Group-C car and his no.1 driver Nicholas Minassion. Nick is a really nice guy and obviously loved the look of the Nissan so I let him loose in it for the last session of the day… After all of about 5/6 laps he got a clear track ahead of him and banged in a 1:03.7, a clear second faster than my best time . When he got out he was grinning from ear to ear and was full of praise for the car, he also said he thought a 58 second lap was in it given some more setup/seat time !!! This guy is clearly mega and I can see why he has been giving the Audi’s a good hiding .

Top news, mate

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WOW, that sounds really cool, have got to come and have a look at this one day. And a 58 second lap, would be unreal. Do you reckon he could go round that fast with a passanger seat gaffa taped in there somewhere!!