Bloody Rabbits - front clam removal

After two days of ownership, I was just on the way home from getting the car serviced, enjoying a country lane hoon and I run over a bloody rabbit. Normally (in the tin top or even the old caterham) you hear a thump but it doesn’t leave any lasting damage. This one went BANG!!! I stopped immediately, at first I just saw that the number plate was smashed, but then realised that the little f###er had cracked the clam at the bottom of the lower RH cooling vent. It looks like at will be an easy job to fill, but there are a couple of crazing/cracks too. I guess I’ll get it filled and painted for now and whack some fibreglass over the back at some point in the future when the clam is off? How long does it take to get the clam off? Or at least get access the splurge some P38 in ?

Ban rabbits now!

I just went for a look in the garage, I managed to remove the front RH wheelarch liner and reach in to apply some Isopon P40 behind the crack. At least I’ve found the jacking points, the VIN stamp and learned a bit about the assembly… came apart easy enough…

I was going to get it into the body shop to have the left sill resprayed anyway…that’ll be sooner rather than later now.

Bad luck - hope there’s no rabbit in there…reminds me of Stripey Si’s elise, he never got it repaired but placed a toy rabbit in the corner!

Back off Bob - we know where you live…Right!