BLinK VTEC conversion

Much has been said about the Honda/VTEC conversion for the Elise/Exige recently. This Saturday I was in the fortunate position to have an open airfield, and the keys to the BLiNK Motorsport converted Elise, fitted with a standard Honda VTEC, putting out around 200bhp.

I’m technically inept, so looking under the boot/bonnet was no more than a “ooh look, there’s an engine in there” exercise, but it all seemed to be put together properly.

As the car runs on standard suspension, with super grippy tyres up front and hard tyres at the rear it wouldn’t be fair to comment on the cars handling, as that has little to do with the conversion. Suffice to say, it spins well

As far as straight line performance goes, it’s a very quick car, definitely faster than a 190bhp VHPD Exige, with more torque on hand (anyone know how they compare on paper ? )

Along the back straight, whatever the gear, the car just pulled and pulled. It could almost make you lazy, after being used to matching revs/gears to wring the most out of a VHPD 190.

I think the beauty of the conversion is it’s simplicity… OK, so you have some jiggery pokery to get the lump into the engine bay, but the engine itself is left stock and the VTEC lump is lengendary for it’s bomb-proofness (is that a word?), something that can’t be said about the K-series.

For those who have experienced K-series rebuilds, HGFs, oil seal problems, the thought of an utterly reliable, and more torquey engine would seem like a dream come true.

If outright power is your goal, then you could consider a tuned VTEC, but that’s going to cost more, and a question mark over engine longevity is raised… or, you could get a TT260 conversion, which is cheaper but has the same reliability issues (though mine has run solid for a year now).

As a way of getting a good hike in power PLUS gaining super reliability, the BLiNK conversion gets the thumbs up !

Is it faster than my TT260 ? No

Would I recommend the BLiNK conversion ? Most definitely

Sounds like an awsome machine you have there. I am also an owner of a “spoon integra type R” and a “spoon s2000” they are both awsome cars on track but certainly lack the handling of my exige despite of the obvious power advantages they have. My exige is pretty much standard, and I do intend to consider the honda engine when the existing k engine has done abit more work. Which of the engines would you suggest to be better for the exige?

The integra type R or the S2000? Or I can get an engine from Japan which is highly tuned by Spoon which both my integra and s2000 is running at the moment. The only problem I have is that at the end of every track session with both my honda’s is that most of the nuts and bolts seems to be loose and require abit of fiddling.


I’m still not that convinced, as an upgrade.
But if you have a car that definitely needs an engine, by all means, the Honda one is a good option.

I saw the Blink Elise at Donington last thursday, it was giving some demo rides.
We pulled together out of a turn a coule of times (when I found it) and the resulting acceleration felt as powerful as my car (and I don’t have the 190 ECU). Granted the drivers were not driving it hard at the turns, but on the straights I thought it was going to impress me more.

Just my 2p


I can confirm that at Snetterton the BLinK car was faster on the straight, (and that was two up versus me on my own in my 190).

I too looked at the engine, and it looked quite at home in there!!

there’s still more to come power-wise without touching the engine. our car is currently set up to be nice and quiet, which means it got quite a restrictive intake system on there. The car also still has the Lotus cat in place which wont be helping!



We had customers driving for most of the evening, none of whom were pushing very hard (for obvious reasons). Next time your at a BaT day (Sept 24th?) come and find me or Rich and have a drive yourself.



Ok, good idea.

I guessfi yoy can convert me, you can convert anybody.

BTW, my car too has still its CAT in place


Wow! Sounds good!!

After having a CTR before my VX, I can certainly confirm how darn good that engine is, and in an Exige!!

That’s part of the reason I’m getting rid of the VX in favour of the 190 Exige, because I wanted to go back to something powerful and high revving

Only a couple of days to go now!!


Just a quick message - there should be 2 eRises at Donny Park next Wednesday 20th August for the BaT evening session. If anyone wants a drive, let me know.