Bleeding Brakes

After changing the brake lines for braided ones in an attempt to improve my breaking, I found the system impossible to bleed. Eventually I changed the master cylinder (a lotus dealer told me they sell about 2 master cylinders a month!!!) Anyway, now I have bled the system and the breaking is still poor. Are the systems hard to bleed or is there a special technique to it???

I spent ages trying to do mine and failed so got the Lotus dealer to do it for about �30.

Simon send Elaine down to Halfords for an Easibleed kit -had exact same prob meself after fitted braided lines, solved prob in a jiffy . Local dealer advised mastercyl to me too - total load of rubbish

Anyway, now I have bled the system and the breaking is still poor.

Pagids, Pagids, Pagids!


I fitted braided hoses to mine over the weekend and managed to bleed them OK using an Easibleed. I bled them one at a time and never drained the whole system down so I knew where any air was at all times. You also have to make sure you turn the front calipers through 360 degrees to get any air out, while bleeding, and also ensure the rear pistons are fully screwed in to remove any air pockets.

Mine are great now - can’t wait to try it on the track.


Chaps, thanks for the advice. Anyone know where the best place is to get Pagids from?

Simon E… I sent Elaine to Halfords but she thought I said something to "Ease the bleed"and came back with a first aid kit !!!


EAZIBLEED and do the rears first (one at a time). Like DavidW says you need to take the front calipers off and invert them to get the air out of them properly (you don’t need to rotate 360 i don’t think)… again do them one at a time.

remember to keep the reservoir topped up.

while you are at it you should change the clutch fluid if its not been done in th elast year… it will be a lovely colour…

I think Geary is about the best for RS14 PAGIDS

Yeah, Elise parts is where I’ve got mine.

Rox, how did you get from pads to clutch fluid??!



brakes and clutch share the same reservoir… so if yer bleedin the brakes or changing the fluid with an Eazibleed its a 2 minute job to change the clutch fluid and its usually manky… so could do with changing