blaupunkt woodstock DAB53 being a slag... again

wont accept my lovely new 2gb SD card (Viking). Casio Exilim camera likes it just fine… stereo just says “MMC error”… it has less than 200 files (as per the instructions) and was fresh formatted using the panasonic sd card formatter (usually fixes all sd card related problems)

any ideas/similar experiences?

my 1gb sandisk card works fine…

I have the same problem trying to put an expansion card into my 8 track

Fook me, I didn’t understand a word of that - better ask my teenage son to translate it for his old fogie dad!

These new fangled compooter things, Rob – eee they’ll never catch on.

stereo just says “MMC error”…

that’s a problem with your brakes then?

There’s a rumour that you can format cards in the head unit and thats been know to solve some problems. Don’t know this from experience though, I’d given up and bought an Ipod link cable.

you can, i’ll try

Some of the older type readers won’t/don’t seem to accept anything bigger than a 500mb SD card.

The DAB only accepts up to 1gb… I think

actually the only official limits are no more than 20 directories and a maximum of 200 files

anyway, i gave up - the 2gb card is on ebay… back to my 1gb!