Blacked out headlight covers

Does anyone know where I can purchase a set of the blacked out headlight covers? Are the road/mot legal and do the headlights still work well at night?


To answer in order.
No longer available.
I’ve never had a problem.
Not very well.

You can get a similar effect without affecting the performance of you lights by painting the bodywork under the covers black. See some of the pictures HERE

I Like that

I find doing both works well


Looks mean! Like one of the people from X-Files that’s been ‘got’.


My car came out of the factory with the headlight background black - in fact they painted the whole car to match


I had just been thinking that tinted covers on a black car would be very ‘stealth-bomber’

Alright mate

I tried to get some for my s1 elise, but couldnt. So i brought some clear ones, and brought a tinting light spray from halfords. The results were amazing, didnt effect visability too much at night and looked spot on! Not sure if its legal tho, you’ll have to check, i’d imagine not.



any pics James ?

ill see if can find soe on work computer mate, not sure tho. The spary only cost a �10, best �10 i ever spent, leave it with me mate, see if can dig some pics out, was over a year ago and have changed computers twice