Black Trim Paint

Hi Guys,

I need to re-spray the air scoop on my 05 S2 N/A which is the standard black with a matt/ satin finish.

I have been told that the Halfords Satin Spray can is a good match, was wondering if anybody had used this and if this was true…

Alturnativly has anybody got the proper paint code for this, I did a search for this but couldn’t find anything on the forum.


When you say “air scoop” what bit do you mean? All the mesh grilles are painted and a good match is Hammerite smooth satin black.


Need to re-paint the air scoop behind the door, both the mesh and the fibreglass, so was looking to spray them as a complete assembly, assuming they both use the same paint.

Hammerite satin is a good match for the black wheels so that gives an idea of the finish.

I painted my front splitter with Halfords satin black. It was an excellent match.