Black Exige Wheels For Sale - Ebay

I’m selling a set of black Exige wheels in excellent condition.

See here -




Cheers Simon


Very Interesting… could i ask a couple of questions please

how did you come to have these wheels and why are you selling them

Simon, not received any mail yet!

RoxTeddy -

Come across them purely by chance whilst picking up other bits for my car from a breaker. Bought them (with guarantee) on the off chance they’d fit on my car (Elise S1) but too many grey areas to risk it! I’ve had them tested and they balance fine. Rather than drive all the way back to get a refund, figured you guys may be interested!

Happy bidding!

Thanks Damon

what do you think is the cause of damage to the rear that you show - it is a repair?

I’m afraid I’m not sure!

No damage to the actual alloy, and is purely cosmetic. Will not show when with tyres and on the car as is on / next to the inside rim.

EDIT Rox, doesn’t look like a previous repair.