Black Exige back on eBay

The damaged/repaired Exige has reappeared on eBay - current call is �15k - reserve not met - 4 days to go - notice in photos a damaged Elise in the background…

Auction over - top bid �16.7k - reserve not met

Quote from my post of 12th Sept:

[color:“red”] I asked what they would accept for the car - usual response “what have you got in mind?”. I replied �15K. He replied that they “have more in the car than that”, & that they had turned down an offer of �18.5K, so were looking for �19K. I told him he should have accepted �18.5, cos you can get a “straight” Exige for �20K!


Could you please supply me with the name and address of some one with a black 8000 miles exige with a/c.I would be very interested to see it.

Do you also want to know when the owner is away on holiday?