Black Crap

I just purchased my Exige a couple of months ago. Since the car isn’t road legal in the states mileage is hard to come by. I went to a track day in order to get some break-in miles on the car - the organizers let me run in the slower groups. The track was also only about 1.8 miles so I wasn’t that much of a bother on the main straight.My car storage facility isn’t that close to my house so after dropping the car off after the track day I didn’t see it until this weekend (two weeks passed). The back of the car was covered in a black “sooty” material which I thought seemed a bit excessive for road scum/exhaust. Then while cleaning, I was on the ground and noticed that the passenger-side (LHD) bolt holding the main undertray in the rear of the car had a large accumulation of this substance on it and that there was a large “river” of this stuff all the way to where the undertray begins to bend upwards.I didn’t have a jack with me so I couldn’t investigate much further, but I did stick my hand into the engine compartment through the wheel well and felt that this “soot” was on the inside of the undertray as well.The car is not low on oil so I’m not sure if it’s oil.Does anyone have any idea what this might be?FYI - the car is a 2000 model, # 233, and has the 190 Upgrade (as well as all other US-spec mods).Thanks for any thoughts.[This message has been edited by meat (edited 01 July 2002).]

I had the same problem with soot (not as much as you seen to have though) around my right hand engineundertray bolt. Just above the oilfilter is seated. On my car the problem proved to be one of the connectionbolts for the oilcoolerpipes that needed to be tighten. I did that and it seems to have cleared the leak.