Bizarre Temp Readings

Hi guys,
Not that it is a problem but has anyone looked at their temperature reading and then turned on the heater inside the car. When I put my fan on full then my temperature reading of the engine jumps up 6 degrees. No matter what the reading is in the eightes, it always jumps six degrees.
Probably just an electrical glitch !!

I remember reading about this actually, it is an electrical glitch…

Ah ha! Found it:


Glad it is nothing to worry about. There is enough panic that goes into every noise and bang you hear !! My latest sounds like a gearbox / clutch noise that I get around 3000 to 5000 revs when I come off the throttle. Garage thinks it is clutch plates chattering and is nothing out of the ordinary for an exige.

God don’t get me started! When ever I boot it it sounds like bits are falling off the car!!! Then pop’s and bangs and yips and all the rest!

At least now I can just turn my stereo up

Whatever headaches we have the admiration we get from the public is worth it !!
I just wish I could drive half a dozen so that I could get a comparison to see if mine is poorly.

Well, come to a trackday with the rest.
Can’t guarantee that we’ll let you drive ours, but at least pax laps will give you an idea.

Did you have someone check the gearbox oil level? supposed not to need topping up, but you never know…