If anyone wants any of these I have them in my shed
4xMMC discs plus new and used pads
elise spotlamps
exige gearset,shafts and upgights
alloy window winders…unused
varios tyres
elise seats…1 mousebitten,both free �
rear window glass
s2 poly side and rear screens
S1 manifold and rear exhaust(noisy) but bloody good but too loud to race
Big carbon rear wing and all bits to fit .you would have to cut clam though for the uprights
p.s. I am not a dealer just a petrolhead

EBay is the place for them…and should allow you to recover some readies to spend on different things for your car

I’d like an Elise seat. Condition is not very important. How much do you want?

Sorry Brendan, I had PM’d Johnny already for the seats and the wing


Uldis if you are removing your original rear wing i would be interested !!

I have 2 seats that I am going to sell.

They are the ones with cutouts for harnesses, including the hole between your legs (go on, take the p@ss).

There is a bit of wear and tear, and indeed I bought them from Stratton for a few hundred squids…

Any takers, just yell - I think I have the original email from Stratton with the photos…

Why selling? - see my new Mog carbon fibre ones

Do you have pictures of these seats Mike ?

Uldis if you are removing your original rear wing i would be interested !!

I’ll keep that in mind.

Mike!, I want your seats too!

David YHM on the admin @ UKB email address, if that is still in use.

Uldis - YHM

Kevlar - I’d send you the photos, if I had your email address - or you could pop round, what with me being in Bristol as well !!


Is the carbon wing the Lotus Motorsport one? If so what sort of dosh do you want for it??


Just to let you know guys, Mike’s seats are still up for grabs, I’m keeping only Jonny’s… and the CF wing.

what type are the seats? I’m fancying a pair of the original lotus motorsport ones with safety devices harnesses???

Sorry the seats are sold,so are the MMC discs and the rear wing

hi, i need an elise spotlight and assembly. how much are you looking for? are they damaged at all?

Hi there, are the spotlights and assemblies still available? If so how much are you looking for them?

Hi there, are the spotlights still available? Do they include all the bits? Sorry if I sent you this message twice.