Hi all,i’ll probably come to the international Car show in Birminghan in january. I’m organising the trip with some friends and amlooking for hotels. I’ll probably stay there for 2 nights. If anybody can give me an advice…just to avoid some bad axperiences.And mybe we can meet with some of u.CiaoNicolas

NicholasRuss & myself will be there on Friday 10th January - a meet up would be splendid. We travel to the show by train - so we can have a few beers [image][/image]Sorry, can’t really help with hotels though.[This message has been edited by Pesky (edited 10 November 2002).]

erm…Rob, are you sure about that…I always thought British Rail is kind of a joke [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]oh dear…Brum…quite a lot of Pak…down there, eh?enjoy the rest of the weekend… [image][/image]later,Bruno

…and just whats wrong with Birmingham then ?We could be Europes City of Culture soon [image][/image]Nicolas - I would try and stay in the centre if you can - depends on how much you want to pay but the Novotel, Days Inn or Travelodge all around Broad Street are in the centre of the refurbished canel network and there some great nightlife and good eating to be had there - even Bruno might like it [image][/image]Access to NEC is quite easy from there by taxi or train - I dont recommend staying at the NEC, there nothing to do after the show !!

Miniman is right.Birmingham city centre is now a buzz with plenty of good restaurants, bars and clubs. Could be expensive though.There are bound to be cheaper options a few miles out of town which are linked by good motorways to the NEC e.g Warwick (some great English pubs), Stratford upon Avon. I could find out more if you woud like?I will be going myself but I don’t know which day yet.RegardsMike

ok folks, I take everything back and declare Brum the centre of the universe [image][/image] [image][/image]cheers,Bruno