Bigfoot and the throttle cable!

Lent my brother my Exige yesterday. He phoned me to say the car was sticking at 6,000 RPM. Upon close examination of the throttle body etc by the engine, all appeared O.K. until I looked down by the drivers footwell. Seems his size 11 shoes had pressed down on the cable (which is located to the left of the clutch pedal) causing the outer sheath to be pulled away from the housing and have the effect of reducing the length of the cable. Difficult to explain but I have had the same problem with lawn mowers / push bikes before, but never a car. Scary thing is, if you look down the footwell, you may wonder how you have never done the same thing yourself. BE WARNED.p.s. Doesn’t seem a sensible place to run the throttle cable at all. Anyone else had a similar problem?Phil GT

Not in my case, but:-my car is new-I use size 13(US, 12UK) shoes-my left foot feels the steering column when I’m turning-I can’t drive with my feet pointing up, but very slanted (like in a V)You have to have sensibility, especially if you have been living with your feet all your life.Couldn’t it be the case that your brother had also big shoes that didn’t let him feel a thing?Uldis