Big Valve VVC Head for sale.

One big valve VVC Head for sale. Head comes with:

  • Paul Ivey titanium tuftrided valves
  • 32.5mm inlet valve
  • 28.5mm exhaust valve
  • Modified valve guides
  • Fully gas flowed and ported
  • 3 angle cut valves
  • Comes complete with vvc running gear and modified 271 degree profile kent exhaust cam. The lift on the cam is 9.6 so wont require any further modifications to your vvc engine.

This head is less than three months old and all valves are covered by a 12 month warranty. You will also receive the original receipt to show the date from which the warranty begins. There are couple of options available to members who are interested.

  1. Would accept exchange for a standard vvc with �600 (this is my preferred option)
  2. Would sell complete head with cam for �850

This head has cost me alot more than I am putting it up for and it will make a remarkable difference to the performance of your vehicle. If anyone has a vvc but is unsure how to remove the head and get the new head fitted. Then the gentleman who fitted the head to my car is available and can take your old head off and replace it with the new head for an unbeatable price.

The reason I am selling this head is because I have just brought a new vehicle and am concentrating on this new project. I prefer to have a vvc head in exchange with cash as that way I can slot the head on and sell my old car as a standard vvc, Please feel free to email me on [email protected] or ring me on 07967222152 if you have any questions.

P.S. The head can be seen running as it is still on my car. I am also open to any reasonable offers. Thank you for reading


You’ll probably have more success by advertising this on SELOC.

Good luck.