Big Up to PLANS Motorsport

Well I was booked into see the guys at Plans last Monday and Tuesday to get my Ohlins fitted. I had decided to go for the 3 way adjustable 46mm dampers. I would have normally put them on myself, but fitting was free with the setup and I wanted them to do the setup and get everything pointing in the right direction.

The dampers went on without a problem although longer rear springs had to be ordered and fitted, therefore extending the job by a couple of days.

I only have praise for these guys. I don’t normally like other people working on my cars, but I have to say Andy’s attention to detail is excellent. The time and effort and checking and rechecking during the setup was a joy to see. No detail was to small to miss.

Getting it on there test track was also great, the car felt awesome, it now corners soooo flat, it feels really really really good!!!

I can’t recomend the guys highly enough!!!

The only thing that sucks is there bloody “Smart” courtesy car. I have never liked Smart cars, and now after driving one, i truely hate them!!! LOL

spring rates?


Plans did little for me (C service, Geo set, Installed Rem Stat)a short while back…Their whole approach is so good to see, Graham and John were excellent, the location is very good and compared to my last visit to a Dealer, Plans know how you and your car should be looked after



Glad to see this posting. I’m having them do my brakes the first week of June. Maybe while the car is in I will have them check the setup as well.



Sorry John, I called you Andy for some reason in my first post.



spring rates?

350 fornt - 450 rear.

John told me not to compare these to Nitron spring rates as the Ohlins dampers use softer springs. Don’t ask me why though.