Big Up to Elise Parts

Well as you know I did a track day at Bedford on Saturday and had a few issues with noise. I use an exhaust manifold, silenced cat pipe and silencer all from Elise parts.

I called and spoke to Ian on Monday following the track day and informed him of the problem. He said he would speak to Geary and get back to me. Sure enough an hour later Ian was on the phone with a solution. They are going to make me a one off Silenced cat pipe with an increased 5" diameter instead of the standard silenced pipes 4"'s. Obvioulsy the hole through it will be the same 2.5" or what ever it is now, but I will obviously have an increased sized silencer.

It’s unusual in my experiance for companies to be so responsive, so credit where credit is due!!!

I will let you all know how I get on with teh new silencer.