Big Power Audi

Posted this on SELOC i know some of you dont go there so thought you might like a look as well.

It will be good to see how long it stays together with that much power.

I guy i know races a Seat Cupra 20vT in the Castle Combe championship, he had a motor built for it this year (400+bhp) and its been ongoing work since the latest works have given it well a bit more power

The manifolds will be for sale as well if anyone wants one.




Further run gave 489bhp and 355lbft. (flywheel)

Link to full thread on Club Gti

Ah the Badger wagon!

Is your MK1 still around?


with nmbers like that teh Audi conversion looks certainly tasty…

That’s amazing…off to read the GTI thread to find out more.

Yeah but that’s only at the flywheel and it only revs to 8000rpm. [runs away]


WOW 5 weeks for a reply

Kev my old MkI is still around, sold it to a mate last year. Its in Retro car this month (or last month)

Just got to make the Exige as fast now

Yeah but that’s only at the flywheel and it only revs to 8000rpm. [runs away]


Dont think it will stay that slow for long

Actually saw Retro car the other day and spotted it, so answered my question!

I’m still on the search for an S1 Exige, although I’m dubious about the lack of topend for the Ring trips. My Ibiza and Evo would both do around 150 tops (gear limited) which I could live with. Thinking of running an E36 M3 as well though, which would be turned into a Ring car.

Knowing Billy, it’ll only be that spec for 5mins before continuing on the quest for more…

Btw, if you’d not guessed it’s Kev from Revo.