Better Brakes

Having problems with my brakes binding etc and now starting to worry if the standard 111’s brakes are upto the job of coping with the 170bhp. Are the exige brakes what I should get fitted? [image][/image]

PS I have a Bell and Colvill 170 bhp 111S.

Don’t know much about brakes (I’ve still got the orginal MMC) but as one B&C conversion owner to another check out doesn’t make good reading…

The 111’s brakes are fine. However, the upgrade you may want to make, regardless of power, is the Pagid RS-14 pads (see Very expensive, but simply in a different league to the standard or greenstuff etc.CheersChris

RS14 are superb. RS4-2 are also very good, a little bit cheaper but not quite as much bite.RS14 for lots of track work. RS4-2 for lots of raod and some track work. IMHO of course.Owen

Are the standard cross drilled steel disks ok for RS4-2 pads? I need to replace disks and pads and have been recommended RS4-2’s, but the guy in the shop recommended against the standard disks. Trouble is, he can’t find any kind of uprated disks for an Elise so far!CheersChris

The discs will be fine with the Pagid pads, however, the discs aren’t of the highest quality.For cheaper, better alternatives try: I have the Eliseparts alloy belled discs and Pagid RS-14’s. They are simply superb.CheersChris

Cheers Chris,I was a bit confused earlier between the various steel disks available from Lotus. It appears there are two kinds of steel disks - the standard steel disks are plain but the ‘motorsport’ disks are crossdrilled.I forgot what I had on last time, but I think it must have been the motorsport disks and RS14s, which were superb, so I’ve ordered them again.I looked at the eliseparts belled disks, but they’re more expensive than the Lotus motorsport disks, which I never had a problem with.BTW, just to correct your url for anyone else watching, it’s And the race-speed website is hideous :-)CheersChris