If you don’t mind, I need your input on where your front brakeline runs. Attached is a pic of my front suspension with the Motorsport Brake installed. The new goodridge brake line is connected to the car, not the caliper. Where does yours run?? Does it run over the top of the A-arm and one the outside of the steering arm? Looking for where it is supposed to go:)

Thanks in advance.


You have email - looks like the routing you have matches mine - the threaded stud on the wishbone will take a p clip held down with a nut…this will hold the hose safely.

Guys, I assume the front of the vehicle is on the left (it is in my car).
If so, the disk looks to be reversed, since the directional cooling vanes should be pointing at the upper edge backwards.
I also assume the left and right disks are symmetrical, ie, exactly opposite.
Should swap them then (otherwise they’ll run hotter than hell!)


Hi Roy

Yea, that looks good other than what was mentioned. You need to secure the hose to that threaded “bolt”.

And yes, if that is the driver side, your rotors are backwards - swap sides.

I won’t be able to get a picture until next weekend at the earliest.


What brake bias valve did you get? Originally, Beto and I each had a 5 position lever. I didn’t start messing with this until this last outing and when I moved it one click forward, but I would eventually move it all the way forward (two clicks) by the end of the session - on accident. I would hit it with my knee.

Beto and I had previously bought a dial proportioning valve that gives infinite adjustments. This will be installed before my next track day. Beto has already installed it and said it is great. So, you may want to look into this. FYI

Thanks for everyones response. Sorry for my delay in getting back to you; I’ve been on a trip.

My kit came with the proportioning valve and I’m looking into the electronic valve as an option. I have not spoken to AP yet, that’s on the agenda this week.