Best "Winter" Tyres for Exige

Take off 48’s and fit? Yoko A539’s seem to be getting good reviews, �350 per set too…any other suggestions!

Check the back of the handbook. Lotus recommend some specific winter tyres. I can’t remember what sort they are, and I don’t know if you need different wheels to fit them, but it may be worth a look.

S1 Handbook only states “refer to dealer for latest recommendation” - can’t think of a worse thing to do

Maybe the S2 handbook states something different.

As I stated, in the S2 handbook you will find the Lotus recommended winter tyres

As I stated, in the S2 handbook you will find the Lotus recommended winter tyres

You S2 boys - usurpers that you are - are nowhere near as polite as us original S1 chaps

Ok, bit confusing…I don’t actually mean proper winter tyres, which are speed limited and a very soft compound…what I actually meant was a second set of “normal” tyres to fit for winter so can use it more safely over winter (that are ok in standing water for a start)! Obviously std S2 tyre makes sense, is quite heavily treaded really, but may be Toyos (but they get crap write up), Goodyear/Pirelli/Yoko/etc options! A539 sound like a good idea assumin they are not lethal in the wet!

Have you tried the Group Lotus website? A few alternatives are listed there.


Yoko A039s have a better tread for wet weather and come in the right sizes. The original S1 tyre. Bit more expensive than 48s though.

The other tyres you mention maybe quite good in really wet weather but they’re really hard for the lightweight Exige and just won’t warm up, they’ll be dodgy/boring when it’s dry.


So the AO39 doesn’t aquaplane like a [email protected] on small puddles…mmm! The A539’s work well on Elises, and S2 Exige is quite a bit heavier than S1, so might be good…plus, full set of tyres 1/2 price of A039’s???

LOL @ Steve

I’m a different person now.

So the AO39 doesn’t aquaplane like a [email protected] on small puddles…mmm!

The A039’s were in the original Yoko literature as a wet weather racing tyre!

Lotus are releasing some Yoko Advans in S2 sizes but I think the fronts maybe 175 not 195. Worth investigating…

Can anyone confirm that A039’s perform similarly to “normal” Elise tyre through standing water? A048’s were aquaplaning at relatively low speeds, much lower speed than Bridgestones would have!!

Taking it to Bruntingthrope today as doing some proper work there (oil handling and cooling tests on 2 different development cars), will benchmark Exige round for a few laps and see how she performs …(one of the dev cars is a 300bhp 600 kg kit car…mmmm)

Yes they do, but they also have a less progressive grip, i.e. they let go a bit bore suddenly when they do.

And understeer more when wet.

I only really find aquaplaning when the tread gets down below 3mm. Which is understandble.


Just done me back tyres in at Bruntingthorpe, down to treadwear indicator on offside back…went there with 3 - 4mm tread. Spun the car 4 times, does have a happy tail when provoked! Could a little bit be down to tyre pressures, will check then to see where they are! When not provoked the car is quick, could keep up with our 300Bhp kit car round track, but was absolutely blitzed down straights by it…managed to get 170mph out of kit car during VMax test. Max Power boys there, fast down straight, girling in corners!