Best way to remove the doors, and get the push lock out?

I’m going to remove my doors at the weekend and want to remove the push lock so I can paint the doors.

Any tips on the best way to do this?

I had a quick search on SELOC and it says to remove bolt 17 rather than remove part 3 from the car.

(My car is technically a k-series Elise S2)

Fucking hell, the door latch mechanism looks a bit complicated…

Lol no it’s not that bad Greg. One door at a time if going for a full strip most of those parts come out as one. If its just the push lock it’ll unhook from the central locking mechanism No.39. Or maybe you can remove the reflector or window seal and pull it under the hole in the door.

Edit it also looks like the top is threaded so hold the bar attached to the mechanism and twist. Bar goes straight down to the mechanism from where it poke through, you’ll know it when you shove your hand in, give it a wiggle :eh:

Hmmm, I suspect I’m going to make a very big mess in my garage at the weekend. :slight_smile:

This looks like an inappropriate level of detail given the ‘rattle can’ paint to be applied. Why not just use some gaffer tape?

That sounds like to much effort as well, why not just spray over the lock barrel too for the authentic rat-rod look :wink:


ah benja that made me laugh

he has a point greg, bit of masking tape would be easiest, that diagram is crazy

lovin the carbon jonny

I got the doors off by removing bolt 17 and then managed to press down the door lock and slide a piece of aluminium over it through the door handle hole below, then painted them.