just ordered a set of Motorsport wheels and would much appreciate experienced advice on best tyres for road use.

Hi RoyI see you’re selling your Elise - so what is your new project??? [image][/image]

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Pesky:Hi RoyGood night last night was it Pesky? [image][/image]It’s a well known fact that Rob is buying up all the used lotus cars in Britain - he wants a different Lotus for every day of the week. But don’t tell Ann, his wife, cos he has’nt told her yet.

RobI’ve got a set of hardly used Yoks.I’m sure you would find them very good - and you know their history!!Tony

quote:Originally posted by Tone:Originally posted by Pesky:Hi RoyGood night last night was it Pesky? [image][/image]Sure was, Tom. [image][/image]

Well you lot, I’ve sold my titanium Elise (took it in a deal on my Caterham) and still got my red 98 Elise. I’ve tried the new 111S (made me feel even older after the 98) and a VX220 (they are SO cheap but no looker) and, purely as a road car comparison, the 98 stays. The dealer wants �12K to upgrade to the 111S and even I would drive home feeling even more of a prat than usual. So, I’m going to upgrade the 98 with wheels (15’s and 16’s by the way), suspension, gearchange and some body parts, and keep it. My preferrence would still be an Exige with a VVC engine, but they wouldn’t build me one.

Just fitted S1 LTS Yoko’s and even against the A039’s they feel good.

I’ve been offered a set of Advans by Elise parts at �425 inc. vat so I think I may go with them. Thanks for all the advice!