Best Time To Market An S1?

Extremely reluctantly, I have come to the sad conclusion that I will be putting my S1 on the market at some point in the next 6 months. A major change in my personal circumstances means that I can’t really justify keeping a pure ‘toy’ and will need to defect to a pseudo performance but more practical car (such as an M3 or 911). Until recently, I worked close to home and got around the issue by having my S1 and a 19 year-old 205 1.9 GTi for going to work, but I will now need to run just one ‘reliable’ practical car. Let’s not have that debate now as that isn’t my real question.

What I need to know is, is there any point trying to sell an S1 Exige at this time of year or would I be wiser to sit on my hands and put it on the market in the spring? I am sure that if you’re in the purchasing market, your advice will be ‘put it on the market now for �20K’ but I would really appreciate any impartial advice from those that have bought and sold at various times of the year.

I’m in the reasonably privileged position that, temporarily, I could just buy the car I need now and do not necessarily need to sell my S1 to do so, but there is also little point in garaging and insuring it for a further 5 months if I do not need to do so. I also know that selling it is going to be filed away with some of my other highly regretted decisions such as looking at, but not buying, a 964RS when they were as low as �25k so I suppose that not selling now would enable me to change my mind between now and the spring?!

As ever, all futile, humorous and offensive comments will be happily received, but if anyone can give me any constructive advice, that would be great too!

Sorry to hear this.

Given your situation, I’d advertise it sooner rather than later, & see what reaction you get. At the end of the day, it’s up to you whether or not you sell it, & when to do so.

Good luck either way.

Wow, what a day to make an annoucement - Happy Birthday !!

I agree with Pesky, I’d start getting an advert put together over the next few days, However I personally don’t think there are any particular ‘seasons’ with the S1 Exige as its a sort after car and the buyers that are looking for it know what they are after, its not a car for 18yr old boy racers that just want a test drive - its a true enthusiasts/collectors car.

Put it up for top money now, if it doesn’t sell, then you have lost nothing, I agree with the above Exiges are an irrational purchase so time of year matters little to most, this time of year gives them fettle time before next year :wink:

[quote=pmyhill]Wow, what a day to make an annoucement - Happy Birthday !!


Yes … must be at least partly driven by some sort of mid-life crisis … but I suppose I’m just trying to get my life in order!

I am a self confessed GJOB … It’s pretty much immaculate in New Aluminium, Black Alcantara, 190, Lotus UCR gearbox, upgraded Lotus rear toelinks, 2Bular 8’‘x24’', CL RC5+, had a C service 1200 miles ago, 26,000 miles with FSH, #166 but first registered Mar 2001 … 10 months TAX and 11 months MOT … I could go on …

Just driven 115 miles around North Wales this afternoon and I’m still grinning. I will be really gutted to let it go but go it must …

Just a question of when.

Sounds to me like you should keep it. It’s a great spec too :sunglasses:

Good luck with your decision.

Agree get it on the market soonest. The UCR gearbox may appeal to someone who wants to track it.

Not sure I know what upgraded Lotus rear toelinks are?

Uniball Toe Link Kit LB111D0127S … Cost �576. Not sure whether they are still available because I have never had to replace one.

Yeah a sad day, but I agree with what others have said. Get it up now for top money and only drop it a bit when you ‘need’ to sell it.

I do not think the Exige S1 is seasonal like the elise. If someone makes the decision to buy one then they will purchase at any time in the year.

I would put an add on the site, spend some time getting it rught and see what happens.

It is also worth ringing people like Paul Matty that may have some one already looking for one.