Best time to buy Elise

Hi I have just joined the forum and I am hoping to buy a mk1 Elise soon. I currently own a clio sport 172, but want the better handling and acceleration of the ELise. I really want to know do the prices get wildly affected by summer, ie. being a convertible, if so whens the best tme to buy and how much are they over inflated in summer.thanks

Hhmmm, let me see. I would say that the Elise prices don’t really inflate so much in the summer (go on someone, prove me wrong!) I’ve found that the prices really differ with each actual car. You can pick a late one with plenty of miles for the same as an older model with lower mileage. I would say this will give you the biggest price fluctuation. Mileage is key. Also stick to a later model (1999) as the earlier ones lacked many mods. You can buy mine if you like! (2000W �15,750 19500 miles).

Would you be interested in swapping this Elise for a 2002 Mini Cooper S?

not easy to price them. condition and mileage affect it a lot. I am selling a 1999 elise 135 sport with 8000 miles on the clock, hard to price as ive yet to see another one for sale. i think they only produced 70. interested you can e mail me [email protected]