Best removable steering wheel?

Ive done a search on past threads but im still not convinced i know the best smallest removable steering wheel for my S1!
Any advice would be appreciated!

It’s a matter of choice. Get a Snap-on hub (available from Bell&Colvill and others) and pick a wheel. I wanted a slightly smaller one, so went for 300mm MOMO Power (see their wheel site. The std wheel is 320mm). It’s not the lightest (there’s a neat, but darn expensive, carbon one available. As light as a feather) but I really like it. Nice and solid.

Words of warning on teh removable hubs:

  • Don’t over tighten them, you can strip the alu thread and led to the wheel coming off in your hands! V.rare, but happened to me. Not that it’s as bad as it sounded to be honest.
  • After a while they wear and it can feel as if the steering has a knock.