Best place to buy to engine bits

where is the best place to buy cambelts, waterpumps, belt tensioners, valves etc… for a VHPD engine?

try DVA Power

thanks Steve do you know if Dave sells waterpumps and tensioners, although I suppose he could tell me where to get them

I don’t actually know but he may have some lying around if you don’t mind second hand and he doesn’t sell new…alternatively he will know where to get them.

Could also try Eliseparts:



thanks steve, but I want to buy new for peace of mind, I’m rebuilding my engine so worth changing them now whilst its still in little bits

You’ll never get that lot back together again Dave!!

There was a post on Seloc about an uprated wtarepump with better fins - I’ll see if I can find it for ya m8

FWIW I can supply (and stock) new tensioners , belts, valves, water pumps etc for VHPDs, I’d be surprised if a VHPD had a plastic tensioner though…