Best Insurers with NO NCB........ooohhh?

Does anyone have any ideas who are the best insurers for an Exige S1 but starting from scratch as all of my NCB is on my everyday car which im keeping. Lots of people recommend Autotorque so i’ll give them a bash first!

Do you have zero no claims bonus, then if you have zero no claims bonus try Bell, for people with zero no claims bonus…

Fcukin’ annoying advert, but apparently it’s for people like you

Elephant was 850 ish for me with no NCD, but they matched the 7 years I have on another car ( also with them ) and it came out at 540 altogether.

Autotorque, CCI Eggar Lawson and Esteem are the only ones I try these days. Given up on all the others.

Autotorque usually come out cheapest. �455 for me this year. 33, Rural postcode, limited mileage, garaged. Mirrored 7 yrs no claims from main car, but seem to have quite a lot of discretion about how to apply NCB or lack of.

I went with elephant, they were the cheapest by far and putting on the girfriend as a named driver brought it down a couple of hundred. Is �950 ( 10mth bonus accelerator policy) with 4 years no claims where as some were quoting 4 grand, and as said above they matched that to give me 4 years on the winter run around. So you could move your other car over to them and then take advantage of their current customer offer for 2nd cars


Don’t forget that “cheapest isn’t always best”.

If/when you need to claim, it’s very important to have confidence in your broker that he’s there to help you, & that the Ins Co has a good record of promptly dealing with claims.

Here endeth today’s lesson - to cheers of “amen” no doubt

Try Aon / Lotus Esteem,

I shared my no claims for both my cars. You need to be a member of Lotus owners club.

Have a look, I got the details from my local Lotus dealer (Bell & colville)