Best Ever License Plate

They’ve just started getting their Exiges in the US and the guys on Elise Talk have been posting pics. Oh to be able to choose a license plate like this over here…



should get a set of these to go with that number:

hows that!


Oi, I recognise that car. It be mine
Just sold my Elise to get it. Not sure that was a wise move at the moment. I order the track pack and AC delete. However no track pack and an AC Ugh!
Well at least our new race track is opening in April.
Nice to meet all of yer!
P.S. I a London Expat. Wish I could say I miss it, but those bloody cameras are ensuring I never go back!

Here’s another view

Bollox - welcome

Feel better for saying that!

I order the track pack and AC delete. However no track pack and an AC Ugh!

So your plate sums it up then

I suppose it does sum it up.

And yes, it is noce to be able to whine somewhere

Bollox - welcome

Feel better for saying that!

Not been watching Shameless, have we?

It would be nice if we had channel 4 over here but all we get is BBC America, who seem to thing we need re-runs of Benny Hill. Now thats what I really call bollox

absolutely excellent number plate…

what are the rules in respect of what you can choose for a number in the states ?

Also, Bollox… looks like a nice wee suburbia you stay in

Thanks! Clever handle you have too
Licence requirements are different in different states. Here they need to be 7 alphanumerics or less. You submit a request for the license you want and if it passes a scrutiny and is not held by anyone else then its yours for about $60.

Salt Lake City is pretty nice, a lot of Mormons but you can’t have everything

…a lot of Mormons but you can’t have everything

Except a lot of wives, so I hear

cheers Bollox …

is that a contradiction ?

Bollox, please continue posting as Bollox. It’s a grand name.

How bout a compromise, I’ve added it as an avatar

Excellent plate. Reminds me of the old Jasper Carrot tale, seems he was right - over there they don’t know what it means.

Jasper Carrot! Some of must be as old as me
It was quite a few years ago that I obtained this licence plate. When I went to pick it up, the woman behind the counter looked at it, puzzled, then looked at me and asked, “Is that a family name?”. i had to bite my tongue so as not to laugh. I replied, “Yes, sort of.” and quickly left before I looked even wierder to her.
There are more and more people that do know what it means though, especially around Lotus and other British oriented circles.
Actually a good friend of mine has owned Lotus cars almost his entire life. He has sold a few recently but did own around 18 cars. He owned and ran the only lotus Museum in the US. His website is still up at
He is a walking Lotus Encyclopedia …

that’s a pretty cool site really…