Best books about Exige/Elise.

As A newbie to the world of Exige I need to gain rapid knowledge about things technical.
What books are available to guide me on the technical side.?

That’s a good one! Not aware of any specific books, particularly any about the Exige.

I suggest that you do a search on this site for “Workshop Manual”, & you can download it in PDF format. There is a “supplementary section” for the Exige (& one for the 340R). If I remember correctly, Phil Davies’s website also has the manual.That will provide you with plenty of reading material, & also be very informative

thanks Mr P…do you ever quit your computer.
Very greatful for your help …

Very greatful for your help …

Bloody hell - have you read the manual already?

Are you coming to Croft in April - so far we have 22 Exiges booked on track. Don’t feel pressured to drive on track, the day (& evening before) is just as much about “socialising” as driving - I think!!!

Give the website a good old trawl, that’ll teach you some stuff. Try going way back on the Questions & Answers section, picking out the ones with lots of viewings.


Th best source of information is here

And here

Apart from the workshop manual of course.

could i ask what date in april the track day is and who are the organizers and whats the noise test max.22 exiges thats some goin.hope its on my days off.


Full details are in “Meets” section

Anybody tried a MR DOMINO workshop manual on CD?
or is there a proper printed version?