Best battery for Exige S1?

As im off today and its nice and crisp thought I would go for a spin but alas no chance, battery is dead!

Its on charge but im going to replace it, but which is the best battery for the S1?

Already fitted is a Bosch Silver…were these fitted to the car when it was new?

A search over a few years will find some suggestions.


Or the answer you’ve had on Seloc!

Or the answer you’ve had on Seloc!

Bosch it is then!

I seem to remember there maybe a Varta equivalent.


Just replaced mine yesterday, �28.00 from Central Auto Supplies, dont know what it is but it seems to work !

Removed skin from knuckles and a lot of cursing, bloody stupid place to put a battery !

Not sure but dont think they make the Bosche silver plus anymore… IDG is right the Varta (blue) is its sister (same part code or very similar). I ended up with Halfrauds finest and so far so good - winter will be the real test ! Note Halfrauds battery guide indicates an S1 Exige battery that hasnt got a hope in hell of fitting, it looks big enough for monster truck racing… so youll need the Elise one…

It turns out that the Bosch battery currently on the car thats knackered is under 3 years old, so Bosch are going to replace it under warranty!

Not sure if that’s good or bad! A bit of both I suppose!

oddly enough… i just replaced mine with a Bosch Silver Plus this week as well…