Best 76.8 miles of driving...

I spent the day in my S2 out at North Weald airfield with Andy Walsh and another chap in an S1 Elise and had an absolutly storming day. Had great fun (sliding the car all over the place!) and learnt loads about my car and my driving ability (much better by the end of the day).

I’d highly recommend a day with him if you’re based anywhere near North East London.


Did he fcuk your tyres up?

Thankfully it was a bit wet so the tyres didn’t get too much of a hammering (the wet also meant that there was a lot of sliding about)

More sliding = more fun = more to learn.

That’s true. My wet day at Silverstone may have been fristrating but my smooth driving is much better for it!


I did my 2nd day there on 1st Nov. My rears are now well and truly F**ked! Would recommend it to anyone!