Bentley Continental GT

I’ve just been out for a spin in a Continental GT Test Car!!! All I can say is from ear to ear. The lad that lives across the road from me has a brother who designs the seats to go in the Bentleys and he has just passed a course to take the cars on test drives. He said the course was amazing, he told me doing 180 mph around a banked track was pretty nerve-racking and doing a 720 degree spin really soiled his pants!! What a job and what a guy for taking me and my dad out in it!

Sounds fun, and I fancy a go.

But I couldn’t help thinking on Saturday, when I spotted one, of a sports car less like the Exige! Big, heavy, full of spongy stuff, 4 seats, etc


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Ian’s right! I was loaned one for a race meeting over a weekend at Donny in 2002 when Bentley was one of our sponsors. I was working so I didn’t drive it too far (but mileage did include taking Murray Walker to the hotel in it). It’s not really a sports car - too big, too heavy, but soooooo much power and torque (I remember it leaving black lines down the pit lane on going out for a demo lap!). The driving position is too high…etc. etc.

Great car, I’m sure but not for me … or Ian


Am I the only one that thinks it looks like an oversized Rover 75 ?

(repeating myself I know but…) a plastic grille on a Bentley ? Oh dear

They had to save weight somewhere!

I’d be more put off by the fact it’s actually a VW.

I like the stats though (other than the weight).


Am I the only one that thinks it looks like an oversized Rover 75 ?

Just like the Maybach!

Its a Phaeton … actually a Phaeton is more exclusive