Bending the Rules DVD


I received the Bending the Rules DVD in December at the same time I am sure as a number of you.

My question is: What was everyones thoughts?

I managed to get through most of the footage in what seemed like minutes. Are most training DVD’s in this short a format? For a moment I had thought half the DVD had not been recorded on my disk?

Not trying to be controversial here, just guessed I was in for an hour of sit back, listen and watch with a cold frostie in my hand and that didn’t happen.

Cheers - Carttman

This is Andy Walsh’s DVD right?

Can’t you watch it from various angles? That’ll kill a few more hours!


Yeah I got one and on first viewing I know what you mean …

However … its the same with any training thing ( imo) and that is you have to watch and then do it, practise and then look again and repeat the process.

Its not like it gets embedded in a chip in your brain ( IYSWIM )

So I liken it to a reference - of course if you are a very experienced track / race driver its a bit useless ( or is it ? )

No multiple views I think but a seperate chapter 11 that you dont see unless you use a PC

I agree too, not quite what I expected but still useful as reinforcing concepts. Walshy is kinda monotonal in an ‘Open University’ kinda way . Thinking about it though, he can be a bit monotonal,…remember doing about a 720 spin at NorthWeald and coming to a halt in a cloud of smoke and him saying very calmy “oh dear, you cocked that up that, what happened there?”

Hmmmm maybe start the season with a North Weald hoon and Walshy refresher,…anyone.

Hmmmm maybe start the season with a North Weald hoon and Walshy refresher,…anyone.

Mid Feb onwards - yep

oh yes… need part deux to the last North Weald experience… though its a pity you cant just pop down to Dunsfold to practice the dvd pointers …


Might as well remake the team then!


time to start saving for fresh rubber… I feel its gonna be a busy year…

Slight hijack … Out of interest anyone know of any decent deals on a new set 48’s… my 39s wont be long for this world… time to start shopping (recently spoken to plansmotorsport and B&C).


I got a set of rear 48s off B&C on Saturday, very reasonable.


Bought the DVD was impressed, needed a translator though to understand it .
I would be up for a Walshy Day, met him at North Weald just before Xmas nice fellow, told me how to go through the slalom which i promptly forgot and cocked it completely up


Im looking to do a north weald day soon as well (xmas pressie from the missus) Would be great to meet up with some fellow members for the day!

I’ll be up for a walshy day soon as well… But may be bring a mate in a 4.0l V8 Lexus as well as he needs some experience

However, I’ve not seen the DVD but it’s gotta be better than the MSA training vid, which is shockingly short!!! It’s like the section on “oversteer” comes on, and says, “If the car oversteers, turn in the opposite direction to correct the oversteer”, then next section

Excuse my ignorance, what is this ‘bending the rules’ dvd?

Without wanting to get in trouble for advertising (Statement: I have no connections to Andy Walsh, Car Limits, 1st Lotus, or any related venture, although I do like Andy …but no like that before Pesky pipes up! ) - see here



must be a pic of John Major car park

I felt the same about the DVD… i ain’t having a pop and I would deffo buy it again but it wasn’t the sit down with a beer session i’d built myself up for.

What’s Walshy’s opinion about coming up North – i’d love to do his course and would still travel but it’d be good if he’d come up… maybe phone him and have a chat…

No multiple views I think but a seperate chapter 11 that you dont see unless you use a PC

mmm… nice tip Andy, must try that

Actually, I think Andy holds the lap record for Knockhill, in a F1 kart or something. He tells an amusing story of how he fused his ribs together in one of those (well, he seemed able to laugh about it now! ).

I’d have thought if he covered his costs and he had the time you’d get him up there.

The box (mine arrived today), does say there are multiple angles for the Elise bit.