Bells for AP 3124 Disc

Getting two made up for myself so long, will be about 40 pounds each, the guy has taken origonal disc for offsets etc. They will be aluminium so quite light.

He makes all the bells for the v8’s and group n production cars here so they should be ok.

If anyone else wants some let me know.

Cheers, I’ll let you know Jason.

First I want to find out costs for the disks. I’m going to check with Demon Tweeks, any other UK suppliers anybody would recommend?


Well Demon Tweeks have a 4 grooved version of the 3124 for
136.64(+ VAT) each. Carriage is from �6.95(+VAT) and they would take 1-3 weeks.


…any other UK suppliers anybody would recommend?

Come chaps, there must be some recommendations?


They are AP distributors, and can offer better prices than AP direct.
I know, I’ve bought stuff from them.

Cheers Uldis, they say they can do them for 10% less. Carriage is similar.


Ian, we use Questmede all the time. If you are coming to Donington, and you can wait that long, I could pick them up for you and save the delivery?

I really wanted to come to Donny but sadly I can’t get out of another commitment.

Thanks anyway.

Cheers, Ian

Hi Jason,

You got your Bells yet? Any good, happy with them?


Not yet, but mostly my fault as i have been to busy, discs have arrived will collect early this week. Keep you posted.