Bells for AP 3124 Disc have arrived

Bells have arrived, did not get around to fitting them as the master cylinder replacement was a bit of a troublesome task.

The bells seem top quality and a great fit on the disc, the guy that makes them up makes bells and discs for our v8 and production car racers so they have stood the track test.

Pictures of the brake bits being fitted can be found here : Brakes and bells

The discs which are labeled SA disc are made up locally and a direct equivalent to the 3124 AP i purchased however the cost would be approxiamately 120 pounds each before shipping from SA, on the scales this afternoon they also came in about 500g’s less than the AP’s .

IDG the bells are 60 pounds each and can be blue, black or silver. They are extremely light and very very nicely machined. The pictures were taken this evening with my standby camera so picture quality is not great, will take some good quality shots when they are fitted.

Hmm, decisions, decisions, silver or black?



But you could get them done here. Stu (MutsNuts) did mine for about… can’t remember, but it was cheap.
Are you sure the freight over to the UK and taxes are not going to bump the prices too much?

But I can never get hold of Stu and when I did speak to him he didn’t really want to provide anything on the brake front.

Do you know if he has (or can he be relied on to produce) bells to AP3124 fittings?


The quality of what he does is tops. His machinings can be found on the NASA satellites (little amazingly intricated alloy thingies, I saw some)

AFAIK he still intends to market his brakes and other stuff, and is working towards getting the insurance done for next year, but an alloy bell is not really difficult to make.
Call him: 01506497157 and assure him that you’re not one of those numpties that are going to ram your car in a tree and then claim the alloy bells failed and sue his arse.
Worked for me.

IDG, mind if i send you an email with some more details etc.

The std calipers fit great with 5 washers on the 3124 disc’s, took some phot’s for you to see.

That’d be great, thanks Jason.

Click on my name for my profile, which includes my e-mail.

Uldis, I’ll give Stu another call then.




I had the same reply when I spoke to Stu - very polite andhonest but wasn’t really interested in selling any bells to me - in the end had to go down te Eliseparts route. Only problem with them is that the disks are crossed drilled and do tend to crack.

I went through eliseparts route. but i got AP discs with special bells and 4 pot AP calipers.

So u can easily speak with geary.


The AP discs are great it’s just the price, over here they are three times the price of the equivalent i found, obviously only after i had ordered the AP’s, but at least i will have a reference point when i try other one’s.