Beginners Track Day

There will be a track day aimed at novices/beginners at Anglesey on Saturday 22nd April. Although there are a lot of seasoned track heroes on here, this is an opportunity for your partner/mate/child (driving licence required) to thrash your lovely car around a track.

The format will be sessioned, with 3 x 20 miniute sessions per hour, the aim being to have possibly an all female session/ all Lotus. whatever, etc. etc., if sufficient numbers apply in each group.

The day starts at 9.30 and, light allowing, should run for a total of six hours.

Dave Minter will be available for instruction, at �20 per session.

An elise will be available to self-drive hire, should you or your partner not wish to drive the Exige at �85 per session.

There will be hot laps in an Elise for passengers at �30.

This is a family orientated day, so spectators are welcome.

In the evening there will be an informal social gathering with Dave Minter doing a chat on Lotus and car control. Prizes will be awarded for best improver etc. Thinking is it will be a local pub or restaurant and we are looking into a B&B which could be booked for the evening.

Including a buffet lunch and refreshments, cost of the day is �120.

To book, please let me know on here or contact Zoe on :-

[email protected]

07774 446145

I’ll see if the ‘naggin tackle’ fancies it. But she won’t be driving the Exige she can take her RX8 out.

Will you be attending? Day before the Mid-Engined at Mallory isn’t it?

OK no worries John.

The day you have must be wrong. They have been altered, so I will repost them.




I have cunning plans:-

The nice way.
If we all let our partners have a go we can claim that we need new tyres, dampers, brakes, engines or whatever else - for their safety of course!

The nasty way.
Claim that they knackered said part by driving like a wally and that you now need to replace it.

Oooh Steven you devil…

You aint seen me. Right.

That is a very cunning plan Mr H.

I won’t say a thing seeing as I haven’t seen you


Welcome Nick!

Nick who ?

Nick Mathread?


Hello Nick and welcome to - This beginners trackday wouldn’t have lured you in would it?

How did you guess ?