Bedford Today

Good to see a few Exiges out having fun on the L-o-T day at Bedford Autodrome today (even if mine is at home on axle stands )

Picture of Andy D (Not taken by me I might add)


Don’t remind me,…I planned to be there but left it too late and it was full gutted. Glad that you had a good time,…without me,…sob.

Hey Mark

Thanks for the photo Was a very good day, well organised as usual

Any vids, Andy ???

well done guys.
Thoroughly enjoyable day.
BUT now need some new rubber…any good deals going in the east anglia area??

Not by me … I did try out the LOT in car camera, video, GPS kit which was superb - , but I was drving like a nanny ( as usual) … MarkA may be able to host the file or something … equally I hope he deleted it

Yep was a godd day indeed… No vids from me but have just got a mount for my (well my sisters stolen from her mwahahahahahahaha) DV Cam