Bedford Noise Question

Hi all,

I have a 2006 S2 S with the 260 upgrade, standard exhaust and airbox. Am thinking about the LoT day at Bedford in November, but wandering whether the noise factor will make it a very brief day!

Static was measured at 92 db at Brands, but I gather it’s the drive by reading which is the problem for supercharged cars (87.5 db limit). I had the TRD airbox swapped out for the OE version but I can’t say it’s a whole lot quieter. The snorkel is definitely fitted.

Has anyone else with this config had problems at Bedford or will I be ok?

Any help appreciated!


I had very close to your spec and had no problems.

Fonzey had a 3bular exhaust and it tripped the meter if I recall correctly

Thanks Andy, that sounds encouraging. Looks like there’s not much to hit there either which is a positive for me!

Yeah I tripped a lot but they work with you and just tell you where to lift, so you won’t be setting lap records but you can still have a fun day

Thanks Fonzey. I’ll get it booked. Am not really a lap record kind of guy anyway so that works for me.

Fingers crossed for you. I’ve got a 3bular :smiley: and I daren’t go near the place. They black flag me on the first session at Brands and Bedford is even less tolerant I hear.

Luckily I have a switchable end tip to a larger silencer, so I can keep going but even with that I have to keep the revs below 7,000. So sadly it can never risk Bedford.

Hopefully the standard exhaust will make the difference, but I’ll stay away from the redline! 3bular must be pretty loud. Guy with an Evora was black flagged at the LoT Brands evening last month for noise, not sure which exhaust he was running. Didn’t seem as loud as some of the other cars there.

Certain frequenies tend to trigger the mics more.

I got pinged at Blyton park but a V8 that sounded like the devil didnt …

Think you’ll be fine.

No problems for my S240 running a standard exhaust and TRD airbox at Bedford or Brands Hatch.

I did briefly run a 2bular GT3 (or 3bular as it’s now been rebranded :laughing:) at Brands and got black flagged when giving it the beans. It also sounded terrible, but that’s another story!

Difficult to understand why, but yes that does seem to be the case. You’d think db was db and wouldn’t be dependent on frequency. Maybe it’s the case that the meters do in fact have flat response but our ears perceive certain frequencies to be louder i.e. V8’s!

Cheers Mark, that’s good to hear! This thread has also taught me that perhaps a 2bular is not for me :laughing:

I got a clip extension to my 2bular (specced it when I ordered it) so that helps reduce the noise a bit - still have to lift and not really go over 7,000rpm though :flushed: at Brands.
But the fact it allows me to make a physical change to the exhaust from the regular tip when that gets black flagged allows me to carry on the day.

But overall, Brands is so strict now. Other circuits seem ok and I’ve not had to clip this on.

So all was well in the end. Although I was black flagged for noise, told to report to the office, but it turns out the culprit was a V6 that I was mistaken for lolz. No further issues!

It’s a long lap isn’t it! Instruction in the afternoon helped a lot.

Starting to think about harnesses, but that will involve swapping the seats etc. Need to do a bit of saving first I think!

Thanks for the advice above anyway :+1:

Isnt it just? Took me an age to work out if it was a hairpin or a slight kink!

I did enjoy it but recall it being treacherously slippery in places

Think I might have benefitted from using the sat nav on circuit :sweat_smile:

Was lucky with the weather, so grip was fine. Bit of a mission driving back home after but that’s the M25 lottery!

Great pic, looks like you’re in a proper race :grin:

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Suspect I was being lapped a few minutes into the session :joy: