Bedford Autodrome

Has anyone had experience of a track day there? how does it compare with Coombe?I consider Thruxton to be relatively boring and too fast, anyone agree? Not enough slow/medium corners, maybe I`m just a wimp though, after all I am 46Thanks in anticipationThe Gecko

Bit difficult to compare as there are a number of different circuit layouts at Bedford. There are a variety of corners, it is flat smooth tarmac, but for me a little bit featureless. It certainly isn’t a Brands, Cadwell, Donington etc…Cheers

Went there yesterday and had a great time.There was only 8ish cars on the well layed out track.not bad for my first track day i could drive round for as long as i liked getting faster and faster

Mark, KeithIt sounds ideal for track day newbies like me, and it’s not far from where I live too.Would you guys recommend it for the inexperienced?[This message has been edited by Kevin (edited 19 September 2002).]

Definitely! Ideal for a beginner. Loads of run off, and nothing particularly tricky. Plenty of space to get to know your car…Cheers

Yes the good thing was there was only a few cars so you didnt get anyone racing past