Bedford Autodrome

First visit to Bedford Autodrome yesterday. I have to say I really enjoyed the experience (not being a fan of airfield circuits). Also it was the first time I�ve run the car flat out, throttle wide open at last. The difference between then & now is chalk & cheese, and I now know how you guys can wear your rear tyres,( previously I could not understand how you this would happen) I was told my car was as any other, so I modified my driving style to carry as much speed as possible into the corners because I had no power on the exit. Thankfully I was talking to some other Exige owners at Oulton Park whom had also suffered this problem & after looking at the throttle linkage we discovered it was only opening 75%. Never mind it�s working fine now & at Bedford I had wheel spin on all the third gear corners in the wet & it felt like a completely new car. SUPERB! Trevor

TrevI’m pleased that you are now, at last, happy with your car on the track. Accordingly, I will take over your order for the SR3 Radical, as I would like to “jump the queue”.Please email me offline, so we can discuss the financial aspects.YoursMrs Pesky

Mrs PeskyMany thanks for your kind offer to take over the chance to jump the queue for the SR3, but I’m sure the Radical guys would have trouble valuing the integrity of a lady with a beard as strong as yours.Trevor.[This message has been edited by trevor (edited 29 April 2002).]

Dear Mr GravyIf I am able to buy Yorkie bars all by myself, then I’m damn sure that I’ve nothing to fear from the “Radical guys”.If you are not prepared to co-operate in this deal, then I will have no hesitation in speaking to the News of the World (or The Peoples Friend), about the unusual line in leatherware, which you sell for a living.Mrs Pesky (Age witheld)

Now, now! I can see a mature hand is needed here to settle this little dispute. Accordingly, I have no choice but to take over the order for Trevor�s Radical myself! It�s a dirty job, but someone�s got to do it! [image][/image]Yours serenely,Lord Whitter