Picked up my Exige from Haydons today after 18000 mile service. I had the cam shaft belt changed while it was in there - I know it’s not due for replacement until 36,000 miles - but I call it insurance.Haydons reckon my car was fitted with an Elise cam shaft belt which is not as heavy duty as motor sport/ Exige belt…be warned yours could be the same.

Tone - racking up the miles eh! Did you (or the dealer) ever find the ‘yip’?. If you did, what the hell was it? All the best!

Aren’t they all fitted with an Elise belt [image][/image]

Sorry, late before I could reply - work keeps getting in the way and then this bottle of Dalwhinnie demanded that I drank some of it!'fraid I can’t stop driving it Rob - taken to driving round roundabouts twice now ‘cos I like the handling so much. They hav’nt found ‘yip’ yet - but I’d miss it now if it went - we call it Stuart Little! Guess Lotus will do a recall to remove the mouse -give them time.Haydons at Salisbury have just taken on a mechanic who used to be involved with building the VHPD engines and he reckons they were fitted with uprated cam belt - but guess some slipped thro’ the net!

Oh I did read, somewhere, that the ‘yip’ could be where the rubber radiator to engine pipes passed thro’ a polystyrene partition in back of door sill - sounded plausible to me but have never checked it out. I guess that polystyrene and rubber rubbing together would make a similar noise. Oh no!! we are on the yip again!!I have got used to the yip tho’ - I guess everybody else has too??

quote:Originally posted by Tone: Oh no!! we are on the yip again!!I have got used to the yip tho’ - I guess everybody else has too??Mine has been quiet for ages but seems to have re-appeared recently. I wonder - is it seasonal??Mike

yip has gone when i changed to LEDA suspensions.

Thats odd - I have just fitted Leda suspension (Elise) and have won a new ‘groan’!